Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sexy Boy(s)

I just got out of an erotic fog..I mean I just finished watching the 2nd round (EXTREME EYE-CANDY) Rogers Cup match between my beloved Marat Safin and the Spanish stallion Rafa Nadal. Throughout the whole match the AIR song "Sexy Boy"was playing in my head. I know, I'm crazy. But, this was a delightful match in so many ways:

1) This was THE first meeting between these two hotties.

2) Their styles of play are so different, but equally sexy and exciting.

3) Marat was surprisingly pretty darn focused at first.

4) It was an evening match, so Marat sported a black ensemble, instead of the more recent hyper-yellow day match number (Marat looks good in anything really). Rafa was, as usual, in one of his pirate outfits, which I'm on the fence about. But, I really can't complain since the outfit includes a sleeveless shirt that so wonderfully exposes his guns.

On the other hand, this match was also excruciating to watch because:

1) Marat lost several set points in the first set before they headed into a tie-break, which Rafa then won.

2) I couldn't be there IN PERSON to cheer Marat on or to catch his damaged racket that he tossed into the stands after frustratingly slamming it.

3) Ultimately, Marat lost 6-7, 0-6 (ouch!). I just wish that (for Marat's sake) this eye-candy match could have taken place later in the tournament...

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