Thursday, August 9, 2007

Becks' MLS Debut!

The warm summer rain caressed him as he stripped off his wet shirt, exposing his naked torso. He took a deep breath as he prepared to enter.... THE GAME against DC United in the 72nd minute (after putting on a team jersey of course), FINALLY making his Major League Soccer debut! Yes, that's right David Beckham (whom I like to lovingly call "Sweet Cheeks" as you may have noticed) made yet another dramatic U.S. soccer debut. His first debut as a member of the L.A. Galaxy was against Chelsea in a friendly on June 21st, but tonight he made his first appearance in an official league game in front of a record crowd in DC. Although the Galaxy unfortunately lost the game, the Becks show was very exciting, especially with all of the rain and skin! It's actually kind of surreal to see him playing in the MLS...

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