Friday, August 10, 2007

The Real World

After watching every season of the reality show that started it all, THE REAL WORLD, I decided to grow up and finally stop watching it. BUT, last night, I tuned into a repeat of the season premiere and sort of had it on in the background as I read a magazine. This new "cast" seemed to be the most uninteresting and asinine one to date. Although this season was filmed in Sydney, all of the cast members are Americans with not one Australian among them (and none of the guy roommates are cute by the way).

I almost turned it off to finally be free of this stupid show, UNTIL... they introduced the final cast member: Parisa, an Iranian-American Muslim girl from New York. I was intrigued, (as far as I recall) MTV has never cast a Middle-Easterner before. I myself am Iranian-American (from L.A. with Buddhist leanings however), so I could actually understand her English/Farsi when she called home to her Mom to complain about a couple of her mean and inconsiderate roommates.

So now, I'm curious to see how she fares as an ATYPICAL Real World girl roommate (i.e. non-bimbo) among the rest of the idiotic cast. Hopefully, she'll meet a hot Aussie surfer! Go, Lady! I might be hooked again; damn it!

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