Thursday, August 23, 2007

For Fok's Sake

I'm sorry to swear, but I had a very frustrating soccer experience tonight. I left my house at 5:30pm but NOW realize that I should have left at least an hour earlier. With horrendous traffic, picking a friend up in "nearby" Torrance, and ($20 congested) parking, I didn't get my butt into my Galaxy season ticket seat until 8:05pm!!!

It was a mess! David Beckham DID actually make it back from England to play a full 90-minutes for the Galaxy tonight, but we only saw him play for 45 minutes 'cause we got there just before the second half! Just in time to see Chivas USA score 3 times on the South end of the field (where my seats are). Argh! The Galaxy lost (3-0); Becks had a lackluster performance; and my season ticket story just gets sorrier and sorrier... The only positive tonight: getting out of the Home Depot Center was a relative breeze (thankfully no gridlock in the parking lot). Thanks (for nothing), Universe.

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