Sunday, August 26, 2007

3rd-round DREAM!

I didn't really even want to look past the first round of the U.S. Open and potentially jinx my two favorite players (Marat Safin and Robby Ginepri). But, I couldn't resist a glance ahead when I noticed that both of them are in the same (4th) quarter of the draw. Soooo, if the planets and stars align (in eye-candyland) and if I'm not mistaken, we could potentially see Marat play Gineps in the 3rd round!! In which case, I would seriously consider flying to NYC for a few days to try and catch that match; oh a Lady Hooligan can dream....

P.S. Erwin gave me the heads-up about New York Magazine's coverage of the tennis social scene, and I noticed a little tennis-related blurb on the adorable (and newly engaged; sigh!) Jimmy Fallon.

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