Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just My Luck!

I'm a bitter girl for SO MANY reasons. I didn't go to the Galaxy game tonight because it wasn't included in my season ticket package, and I didn't want to miss my tennis class anyway. Then, my class was cancelled OF COURSE, but I still didn't want to give the Galaxy any more $. So, my classmates and I just played some dubz instead.

Well, the universe being the way that it is, David Beckham not only made his FIRST START for the Galaxy, he also wore the captain's armband AND scored his FIRST GOAL. The Galaxy beat DC United 2-0, and I missed ALL OF IT! But, that's JUST MY LUCK! Now, since Becks is back in decent shape, Steve McClaren will probably call him up to play for England, and Sweet Cheeks will miss the upcoming Galaxy games that I actually have tix too.

To quote my old friend, Erik, "Why me??"

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