Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jose Mourinho! Jose Mourinho!

During the first half of the Chelsea vs. Reading game today, I only had two thoughts:

1) I still can't get used to Chelsea's bright yellow away kit, and maybe the players can't either. They seemed to be thrown off by Reading's blue kit and a bit confused on the pitch.

2) (With Reading up 1-0 after thirty minutes gone) PLEASE let's just get to half-time. I know Chelsea's manager, Jose Mourinho, will give the squad a thorough talking-to....

And then, ooh-OOH!, Chelsea came back in the second-half and scored 2 goals right away! We can only wonder what Mourinho (aka "The Special One") told the squad. In any case, it was a delightful (and stressful) game. Chelsea won 2-1 and got the 3 points that count.

P.S. Robby Ginepri's second-round match versus Davydenko started towards the end of the Chelsea game, and it was ACTUALLY televised on ESPN2. I was so torn, so I kept switching back and forth. But then, Chelsea prevailed, and as I about to give Gineps my full attention, his match was OF COURSE suspended due to rain (with Robby down 2-5 in the first set). Anyway, apparently now that the ESPN2 coverage has ended, the rain has subsided in Cincinnati. Gineps is back on court, and I'm following the match on the live online scoreboard. He's just lost the first set 2-6. Don't worry, Robby, you can turn it around in the second set. Sell it!

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