Monday, September 10, 2007

Tennis Withdrawal

I knew this day would unfortunately come. The U.S. Open Series is now over, as is my summer of constant tennis watching on TV. I've prepared myself for this tennis withdrawal and have come up with basic plan to cope:

1) Thank goodness for the Tennis Channel. Soon enough, they'll be airing the "smaller" tournaments. The Fed Cup finals start at the end of this week.

2) Thank goodness for my other favorite sport: SOCCER. When I don't have tennis, I have soccer (and vice versa). I'm a very lucky lady! The international soccer scene is almost always kicking (pun intended), and just today, the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup started!

3) Finally, although I'll be watching plenty of soccer and some tennis still, I need to get off of my ASS! Aside from playing tennis a couple times a week, I've been too sedentary and need to exercise more. All of the pro athletes I watch certainly are inspiring enough... So, a final thank goodness goes to the upcoming cooler Fall weather, which I'm supremely looking forward to!

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