Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Music (&DVD) Tuesday

I think the big music release today is James Blunt's sophomore album All the Lost Souls
I'm not ashamed to admit that I enjoy the soft rock. I love me some Christopher Cross, and the Bee-Gees often bring tears of joy to my eyes. So, since James Blunt is sort of channeling Barry Gibb (with the beard and falsetto), I'm looking forward to checking out his new album, especially the following tracks: "1973", "One of the Brightest Stars" and "Give Me Some Love".
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Speaking of the Bee Gees, they're finally on iTunes (well, sort of). Their new greatest hits compilation is out today (including some groovy remixes): Bee Gees "Greatest"
Bee Gees - Bee Gees: Greatest (Bonus Video Version) [Remastered] - Nights On Broadway
Some other c.d. releases that look fun are:

On the dvd front, there are some sports movies that have caught my attention:

Other random dvds out today:

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