Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh, Chelsea...

What can I say about this morning's Chelsea 2-0 loss to Man U?

With Jose Mourinho's departure, disappointment at Old Trafford seemed inevitable. But nonetheless, I think that Chelsea played an admirable game, especially since the game's ASSHOLE referee (Mike Dean) made 2 ridiculous and devastating decisions (Chelsea's Mikel didn't deserve a red card and Man U's Saha didn't deserve a late penalty).

Irregardless (sic), the only interesting thing that came out of today's game (for me only) is the realization that my parents probably feel about me the same way that I feel about Chelsea now. I won't elaborate on my specifics (it's nothing dramatic really). But, even though Chelsea disappoints me at times and is going through a rough patch, I love the team very much. In fact, during this difficult time, I might love them even more because I want so badly for them to turn their situation around and succeed.

As far as having to deal with a new manager and all the bullshite, I guess I can analogize that to everyone (not just me), like Chelsea, just having to keep on truckin'!

Okay enough rambling...

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