Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Movie Review

Bill and I finally got to see "I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With". In L.A., it's playing at the Laemmle Sunset5. The movie was exactly what I expected: cute (but not fantastic) with plenty of chuckles provided by the adorable Jeff Garlin and his fab cast of ladies (Bonnie Hunt, Sarah Silverman, Amy Sedaris, and Mina Kolb).

Next week, we're doing a complete-180 and seeing "Eastern Promises". I can't wait to see Viggo Mortensen playing a tattooed Russian ganster in seedy London! Grrr...

Speaking of upcoming movies, we saw the trailer for "Lars and the Real Girl" today, and we're looking forward to that one too. But, we'd see anything Ryan Gosling's in!

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Movie Review Guy said...

I like the title... and heard some decent things about the film. Don't know if I'll ever end up watching it, though.