Tuesday, September 11, 2007

LHK Movie News

1) The fabulous Jennifer Hudson (aka JHud) has signed on for a role in the upcoming "Sex and the City: The Movie".

2) Speaking of sex, Viggo Mortensen, plays a Russian gangster in London in the upcoming "Eastern Promises". The flick, which opens this Friday Sept. 14th, apparently has a mega (NUDE) fight scene!?!?

3) I still have no definitive info about when (and IF) "I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With" (which is getting good reviews) will open in L.A. But, I did see a poster for the movie at the Laemelle Sunset 5 Theatre, so that's an encouraging sign (literally!)...

4) For you 80's movies buffs, Disney is making a modern-day sequel to "Tron".

5) I CANNOT wait to see Cate Blanchett reprise her role as Queen Elizabeth in "Elizabeth The Golden Age" due out on October 12th. The trailer gave me goose-bumps and not just 'cause the foxy Clive Owen is in it too!

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