Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Friday News

Bill's out of town this weekend, so no movie today, but I have lots to tell you about nonetheless:

1) First of all, Happy 1st Birthday, Chloe! And, Happy 11th Anniversary to my Brosef and his amazing wife, Karen (sic)!

2) So, instead of a movie this morning, (unless I get rained out) I'll be going to a cardio tennis class; a fast-paced tennis-related work-out, set to loud and pretty cheezy aerobics music. It's a really fun, intensive one-hour work-out that I highly recommend to burn some calories and improve one's footwork. More info on, and special thanks to Lady Sophie for the gift certificate. The weather is finally getting nice for cardio again!

3) Major League Soccer and the UN Foundation have teamed up in a campaign called "Nothing But Nets", a program that aims to prevent the spread of malaria in Africa by supplying families with mosquito nets. Donate just $10 by October 12th, and you can be eligible to win a trip to the MLS Cup '07 in Washington, D.C.!

4) Another feel-goody type thing I discovered is the BP gas station on Robertson and Olympic in Los Angeles. I've driven past this strange, metallic gas station quite often (as I'm sure most Angelenos have), but I only just recently pulled in to fill up my tank. I was pleasantly surprised by many aspects of the visit. Not only are there recycling bins by the pumps, but there are also lavender-scented handy-wipes available, and the gas is the same price as is it around town too. The structure is also apparently solar-paneled, the restrooms are super-clean, and they even accept old cell phone donations. The only negatives I can speak of are 1) no junk food mart (that I noticed) and 2) it's still a big oil company selling gas. But, it's a step in the right direction, no?

5) CUTE ITEM ALERT: I just ordered this adorable "Miss Golightly" necklace from one of my favorite online stores fred flare. Get free ground shipping through Oct. 8th on orders over $25 with this discount code: FallFaves.0907

6) Even though my fauxence, Bill, is in Laguna this weekend, I'm still going to try and catch a movie. I really want to see "Goal! 2: Living the Dream" IF I can find a theater that's showing it. I saw and really liked the first one in the series ("Goal! The Dream Begins"), and I'm sure I'll like this one too (because I - no surprise - dig most soccer movies). In this current installment, the main character, Santiago, apparently transfers from Newcastle to Real Madrid, so Galaticos appearances (including Becks himself) are a definite!

7) Last but not least, here's some (tame) eye-candy. In honor of Dr. Lee, I present to you Michael "Mishy" Vartan. His new show "Big Shots" premiered on ABC last night. It was better than Bill had expected (it has a "Desperate Housewives" for men vibe), but I actually didn't really dig it. I just didn't buy the story that Michael Vartan's wife would cheat on him (especially with an old fart)...

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smother said...

If they only had a Mr. Golightly, I'd so be there!