Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Restaurant Review

Bill and I were on the fence about The Simpsons Movie, so we decided to grab a late breakfast instead of going to a movie today. We've been wanting to try an eatery that we haven't yet (surprisingly) frequented: BLD. We were joined by our co-faux-boyfriend, Rob, who, being the hipster that he is, has already been to BLD several times prior.

Now, let's get to the food already! We ordered the Spanish scramble with brioche, huevos rancheros, and braised pork with poached eggs. All of the dishes were rich and delicious. For L.A., the prices were average (about $12/entree), and the portions were large. The restaurant itself is spacious and modern, and the service was fine too. Overall, we had a delightful brunch, and I'd definitely go back again. BLD (which stands for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) is located at 7450 Beverly Blvd. (just East of Gardener).

Well now, I'm off to rest (and digest) a bit before my tennis match. Bill and Rob are my official pre-match-meal good luck charms (I dined with them before my semi-final win on Monday), so hopefully I'll have some good news for y'all later today.

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