Sunday, January 6, 2008


The crew and I went back to TERRONI for dinner last night. Even though it was packed, we got a great table right away. I highly recommend the pappardelle alla iosa, and Bill and Amanda swear by the lemon spaghetti.

Afterwards we went to MILK for dessert, which is open until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays and is just a few blocks East of Terroni. Bill and I were looking forward to trying their infamous BLUE velvet cake, but we were really disappointed with it. It was dry, not very tasty and had raisins in it!? I'll stick with my DOUGHBOYS red velvet (aka red robin) cake; thank you! BUT nonetheless, I highly recommend the cookies at MILK; they're delicious and only a $1 each; a yummy little treat!

P.S. In LHK sporting news:

- Chelsea beat QPR yesterday 1-0 and have advanced to the 4th round of the English FA Cup; thank goodness!

- Robby Ginepri retired AGAIN in a 2nd-round qualifying match in Australia. This time it was during the Medibank International in Sydney. Wha happen?!? Poor baby!

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