Thursday, January 10, 2008

LHK Tennis Update

1) Oh lawd! Robby Ginepri lost yet another match. This time he lost in the 1st ROUND! of the qualies of the Aussie Open.

2) The new issue of the ATP's DEUCE magazine is due out soon.

3) When it comes to women's tennis (court) shoes, a big gripe of mine is that most of them are WHITE; unattractive (like ugly nurse-shoes) and heavy. So when Venus Williams came out with her line of cute and inexpensive tennis attire called EleVen, I immediately bought a pair of the RELAY tennis shoes from the line (in BLACK/LILAC).
Well, first of all, the shoes fit great (true to size and very light-weight). But at about $16./pair, I must admit that I was apprehensive about their actual support and quality on the court. So, I finally tested them out last night during a casual game of Australian doubles (my weekly class had fallen through unfortunately).

Although the shoes looked good, the shock absorption just wasn't there. I don't know how much of it was my own paranoia, but they sort of felt cheap. I'd only recommend the shoes to a very casual player. Since I don't need any added risk of injury, I probably won't wear them very much. But they're a cute extra pair of tennis shoes to have around as a back-up.

Erwin, my endless search for the perfect tennis court shoes continues...

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Erwin said...

Perhaps the answer is inserts? The top players almost never play without customized footwear (and I'm talking about the inside of the shoe, not the ornaments on the outside). E.g., Roger's shoes for Nike is designed to look like the version released for retail consumption, but is "empty" on the inside so he can customize as his physio wishes