Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Restaurant AND Movie Review

Bill and I were joined by our lovely friend, Hillzie, today for brunch, a movie and some shopping.

First, we dined at Cheebo (on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood). The food was yummy, and our waiter (unintentionally) cracked us up because he kept calling Hillzie and me "Lady", which we loved! The only negative part of our dining experience was the onion/sauerkraut smell that wafted from the back to our table and stung our eyes! No joke!

Anywhoo, we then caught The Darjeeling Limited at the ArcLight. Although it was rather slow at first, I enjoyed the movie overall, as it exceeded my low expectations. As always, I appreciated Wes Anderson's directing style and his choice of cool soundtrack music. The colorful Indian scenery and details were delightful as well. Oh and don't forget to check out Hotel Chevalier, which is sort of an intro short film to this one.

After the movie, we did a little shopping at Amoeba, Borders and Staples (all within walking distance of the ArcLight of course). Then, we finished up our day with some coffee at Groundwork Coffee Company. A lovely day indeed....

P.S. Last night, I dined at Empanada's Place (in Culver City) with Dr. Lee. The delicious empanadas come with a variety of different fillings and are only $2.85 each. Their flan is divine too. Bill told me that there used to be a closer branch in WeHo, but it closed down a while ago unfortunately. Damn it!


GRETA69 said...

Jimmy Fallon! Yummy!!!!

latin69 said...

Emp's Place is the place to be!