Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Big Day!!!

Today was my busiest day in NYC...

I started out my day by going to NEVADA SMITHS ("Where Football is Religion!") to meet up with the NEW YORK BLUES to watch Chelsea take on Newcastle. Unfortunately, Chelsea drew 0-0, but I nonetheless had such a cool time meeting fellow Chelsea fanatics.
Then, I met up with AJ and Erik at a really yummy diner called GOOD STUFF DINER.

Afterwards, AJ and I headed to the NEW MUSEUM to see the exhibit that I've been dying to go to: Elizabeth Peyton's LIVE FOREVER. The exhibit exceeded all of my expectations! It was so cool to see Peyton's strokes up close, and the colors are so much vibrant in person.

Then, after the exhibit, AJ and I checked out UNIQLO, which is basically the Japanese Gap. Think any sweater in any style and color you can imagine...

My evening started with a night at the theatre (pronounced thee-AH-Tah). Erik and I saw EQUUS at the Broadhurst Theatre, starring a (nekked) Daniel Radcliffe. I'm not a theatre fan, but I really (and surprisingly) enjoyed this production. Everything was great; the acting, the direction and the set design.

But, my evening didn't end there. I met up with Jed and AJ and headed down to Brooklyn to a craZAY party called RUBULAD. AJ and her pals played a fun super-late-night set with Bruno of THE HOMOSEXUALS! (BTW, in a previous post, I had mistakenly thought that AJ's band LOOKER was going to play).

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