Sunday, August 10, 2008

LHK Sporting News

1) Bravo to Michael Phelps on winning his first 2008 Olympic gold medal and setting a world record in the 400 IM!

2) Speaking of the Olympics, Ana Ivanovic, the top seed in the women's tennis event, has withdrawn with an injury to her right-hand.

3) With the English Premier League 2008-2009 season starting this coming weekend, I'll be doing some research in order to see if any changes need to be made to my TOP 5 Hottest Playaz from last season. I'll, of course, keep you posted...

4) Speaking of English football, the Community Shield went to penalty kicks today with Manchester United (boo! spit! boo!) winning on penalty kicks (3-1) over (better-looking) Portsmouth. Oh, for fok's sake; here's hoping Man U's success ENDS TODAY!

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