Monday, December 24, 2007

Random LHK News

1) First of all, Happy Christmas EVE!

2) Chelsea can now add #1 goalkeeper, Petr Cech, to their injured list! With #2 (and foxy) goalkeeper, Carlo Cudicini, out too, we're stuck with our 3rd-string man, Hilario; argh! To quote my friend's Grandmother, "Oh, Brother. God, help us." Once again, injuries are (literally) going to hurt Chelsea's chances at winning the EPL title. I just hope we can win at least ONE trophy this year, and I'd even take the Carling Cup.

3) Earlier this month, Dave Attell's hilarious comedy special CAPTAIN MISERABLE came out, and I forgot to plug it. It's still airing on HBO (if you can catch it), and it's also available for sale.

4) Speaking of HBO, extras' THE EXTRA SPECIAL SERIES FINALE is out too. It's "bloody merry"!

5) On the topic of being "bloody merry", the British Monarchy has their own official YouTube channel; check out the Queen's Christmas speeches on TheRoyalChannel.

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